Beldessert takes pride in their flexibility in production as well as packaging. The whole range is available in retail packaging and in foodservice presentation. Recipes, fillings and toppings can be mixed and matched according to the wish of the customer.

Natural ingredients
All ingredients are selected with the greatest possible care. In the production of our patisserie,
only the best natural ingredients are used. Tartlets with real butter and honest ingredients,
melting lava cakes with exceptional Belgian chocolate, airy muffins are filled with pure nut pastes, fruit jams and purees, … everything adds up to high quality patisserie.

Authentic recipes
The recipes descend from the traditional kitchen, which makes Beldessert true to their motto:
“Enjoy Great Belgian Taste.”. Moreover the products of Beldessert contain no artificial
colouring or flavouring agents nor preservatives and we try to use Belgian products wherever possible

Modern Technology
The new machinery, with an impressive capacity, is ready to fulfil the ambitions of Beldessert on the market of convenience patisserie: large and small retailers, catering companies, airlines, hotel industry, tea-rooms, food on the go, cruise liners, wholesalers and distributors in Europe and worldwide. Our recently build flexible pastry line allows us to focus on development and commercialisation of premium products.

Personal touch
A personal touch is never far away. We are a family owned company with short decision lines and high flexibility. We prefer working together towards a partnership instead of having a pure customer-supplier relationship. We also have a creative & common way of looking for solutions for the customer.

Nieuw! Moelleux with Baileys®

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NEW! Muffin with Nutella®

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